About Us

Since 1928, we have delivered local expertise and experience to help Illinois growers maximize their fields’ potential.

Rolland Stone and his father launched Stone Seed to produce a small quantity of seed corn for their own use. They offset costs by selling seed to friends and neighbors, and began working on hybrids with the University of Illinois.

In 1960, Rolland’s son Richard took over the business and began working with larger companies to produce portions of their crop. As seed companies began producing more of their own seed in the 1980s, Richard and his son Andrew began selling seed under their own brand and developing improved marketing channels.

Stone Seed worked hard in the 1990s to ensure it had access to the best genetics and technologies. The forming of the CORE Group of regional seed companies helped solidify this effort.

In the 2000s, Stone Seed was acquired by Monsanto’s American Seeds, Inc., to bring customers the best new genetics and traits. Additionally, Stone Seed purchased two other brands, Sieben Hybrids and Moweaqua Seeds, forming the Stone Seed Group.

A lot has changed in Illinois since we first opened our doors in 1928. Back then, a bushel of corn sold for 80 cents. The home of the Fighting Illini, Memorial Stadium, was just 5 years old. And the FFA was only beginning to get organized in and around Illinois. What hasn’t changed is the fact that Illinois is still one of the most important production regions in the United States for farming — and the world, for that matter. Stone Seed has been proudly supporting Illinois with high-quality products and dedicated service since 1928, and will continue to long into the future.​​​