The Climate Corporation

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The Climate Technology Platform™ combines weather monitoring and simulations with agronomic data modeling to give growers a deeper level of insight into the status and performance of their fields. The technology can pinpoint each field's precipitation, humidity, wind speed, radar, field workability, and growth stage, giving farmers the data they need to make better production decisions. The Stone Seed team recommends The Climate Technology Platform for growers who are interested in improving their farming operations with powerful software products. The Climate Basic® and Climate Pro™ tools are the most advanced way to get insight into your fields.

Climate Basic®

Climate Basic is a free tool which provides growers with information about crop and field conditions in every field they farm, every hour of the day. It can be used on tablets, mobile phone, and computers. The tool provides and stores data on field workability, crop growth stages, weather alerts, and more.

Climate Pro™

More than alerts, the Climate Pro tool offers agronomic advice specifically tailored to the unique conditions of your fields. It's a paid add-on to the Climate Basic software that provides field specific recommendations, through 6 different Climate Pro Advisor segments to help improve grower profitability. The advisors offer planting, nitrogen, pest & disease, field health, revenue, and harvest advice and insights. Check the Climate website for availability.