Advantages of Soybean Seed Treatment

Trial Objective

  • The increased interest in lower soybean seeding rates and earlier planting has spurred increased interest in the value of seed treatments.
  • Later planting dates may also benefit from the use of soybean seed treatments when lower seeding rates are used.
  • The objective of this study was to assess the value of Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD for use in soybean across different planting dates.

Research Site Details

  • A 2.8 maturity group Roundup Ready 2 Xtend® soybean product was planted on April 25th and May 18th.
  • On each date, the product was either treated with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD or not treated.
  • There were two replications for each treatment.

Understanding the Results

  • The treatment with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD, containing a fungicide and insecticide, provided the highest average yield for each planting date:

There was an average of a 4.7 bu/acre yield advantage for the early planting date and an average of a 6.7 bu/acre yield advantage for the late planting date when using Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD.






What Does This Mean for Your Farm?

  • Average yield was higher across early and late planting dates when Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD was used.
  • While the majority of planting time studies for soybean conducted at the Monmouth Learning Center have found that early planting provides higher yield potential in soybean, that was not the case in this study.
  • Protecting your seed investment with Acceleron® Seed Applied Solutions STANDARD may help seedlings establish more quickly, stay healthier, and ultimately result in higher yield potential.
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