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Eleven Bayer seed brands are joining forces to launch the enhanced Channel® seed brand.

A Defense Unlike Any Other


The Next Generation of Corn Rootworm Protection

SmartStax® PRO with RNAi Technology is the next generation of protection against above- and below-ground pests.* With a unique RNAi-based mode of action, SmartStax PRO Technology builds on the proven benefits of SmartStax® Technology, becoming the first product with three modes of action for corn rootworm control. Because RNAi technology works differently than a soil-applied insecticide or Bt traits to control corn rootworm, it can increase your corn’s ability to defend itself against the billion-dollar bug.

This new mode of action offers improved corn rootworm control over a range of pressures for the strongest biotech defense** available in 2022.

In addition to corn rootworm, SmartStax PRO Technology will also provide protection against above-ground pests including European corn borer, southwestern corn borer, fall armyworm, black cutworm and corn earworm.

*SmartStax®  PRO RIB Complete® corn blend will be commercially available for the 2022 growing season.
**Based upon 2019-2020 Bayer internal trials comparing leading corn rootworm technologies in fields with moderate to heavy corn rootworm pressure.

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